First Day of Summer! Interview w/ Jahmaal

 Jahmaal, 8 y/o

Jahmaal, 8 y/o

 As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, young children are outside exhibiting joy and excitement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We decided to sit down with an athletic, outgoing, smart Jahmaal to discuss his plans for the summer. 

Hi, how is it going?

Good. We have the same name except my name is spelled JAH-Maal.

 That’s cool! Excited for the summer Jahmaal? Have you planned fun adventures with friends?

Summer is my favorite time of the year, I like to play video games, take pictures with my Ipad. It’s much easier to do flips because there’s no snow on the ground.

You enjoy doing flips, which is your favorite?

Back flips, my mom tells me to be careful all the time.

What is one thing you’re hoping will happen this summer?

My birthday is coming up, lots of gifts! And my mom is getting me braces!

Jamal Smith