Poem (for her)

I spend most of my time 

Trying to find an acceptable way to say

                          that I love you 

I still like you a lot

You’re rare, you know?

You're still so damn fine


I am scared of you 

You’re the reason my mother 

tells me to “watch out for nothing,”

“if you ain’t the only one, you better be number one”

She says that your trouble 

                                     I am crazy over you

So much that we barley talk 

Visualizing Poetry

December was certainly a hectic, nonetheless successful month.  As an educator, in Roxbury Massachusetts, which surrounds one of top K-12 pilot schools in the Boston Public School system. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of intellectuals, entrepreneurs and educators in facilitating a professional development workshop. The workshop encouraged individuals to step into a world of creativity, be it creative writing or visual arts. Participants studied and created visual representation with a heavy influence by literary giants including but not limited to Nikky Finney, Toni Morrison and Carl Phillips. 

   Visualizing Poetry   Professional Development Workshop

Visualizing Poetry Professional Development Workshop